022 Dhruv Boruah: Rivercycling against plastic pollution

Adventures for a purpose

Dhurv Boruah is an adventurer and entrepreneur who loves challenges out of the ordinary. He steps out of his comfort zone and embarks on journeys with a purpose, such as driving an ambulance from Madrid to Mongolia, sailing the Atlantic ocean against plastic pollution or crossing ice to raise awareness for climate change.

One special thing about most of his adventures is the fact that Dhruv never shies back before anything if he lacks a skill. He leaned how to swim while sailing on the ocean and skied the first time when crossing the ice in the High Arctic. He really lives what it means that nothing is impossible!

Cycling against plastic

For his most recent campaign, The Thames Project, Dhruv built a floating bike to cycle on the river and collect plastic in the meantime. This way, he was able to talk to citizens, members of parliament, news broadcasters and corporate actors and inspire action against plastic pollution.

However, Dhruv believes that cleaning up the plastic is not a solution: We need to start at the source and rethink the way we design, produce and consume. We need to transition to more sustainable economic models.

Traveling for peace

Besides the Thames Project, Dhruv is currently also planning a bike trip from North to South Korea in order to promote international peace. He wants to showcase that no matter which side of the border, humans are unique, special and united by their desire for a peaceful and safe future free of nuclear threats.

Advice for your campaign

To finish the interview, I asked Dhruv about his three core tips for anyone that wants to start their own for-purpose campaign and raise awareness. Here they are:

  1. Be passionate about your cause and know your facts
  2. Make it different
  3. Find the right team to do it

You want to hear more from Dhruv?

Visit his websites www.boruah.com and http://forpurposeadventures.org/ as well as the Thames Project https://www.thethamesproject.org/ or check out his twitter @dhruvboruah and instagram page @AdventureAccelerator

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