019 Bea Johnson: Living with zero waste

The zerowaste movement has spread rapidly around the globe in recent years and is becoming a real trend with more and more zerowaste shops opening up in every city. The main idea of zerowaste is to reduce your trash to the minimum, get rid of disposables, compost and recycle all you can and send nothing to landfill.

Bea Johnson is the founder of the Zero waste movement

Bea Johnson is probably THE pioneer of the whole Zero waste movement, before her Blog Zero Waste Home the term wasn’t even used to describe a personal lifestyle. She also is the author of a worldwide bestseller describing the basics of a home without waste, and has given talks at Google, TED, the European Parliament, Ikea and the United Nations.

A story of personal transformations, shared with the world

When Bea started reducing the trash she consumed and simplifying her life, there was almost no resources available on living sustainably. She had to research, talk to the older generations and do hundreds of trial and error experiments until figuring out how to make her own cosmetics, shop packagefree or keep her house tidy without chemicals. At some point, she started sharing all her learnings online and quickly attracted thousands of followers from all around the globe.

Bea tells her story, philosophy and the best tips for an easy start

In this podcast episode, Bea shares why and how she first got into the zero waste lifestyle and explains her philosophy. She further lets us know of her best tricks, the obstacles (and how to overcome them) and easy ways to get started.

„Zero waste makes your life richer“

She has found that basing your life on experiences rather than things and minimising the amount of disposables you use has a very positive impact on your life. Living with less she suddenly discovered that she had much more time, energy and resources available to do the things she really wanted to do. To Bea, living without waste makes her life better, healthier, cheaper, more fun and gives her more freedom. She saves money and time by investing in reusables, eliminates toxics and pesticides from her household and is able to connect with a huge community of likeminded people wherever she goes.

Don’t be scared of the Zero!

Go ahead and start with one step at a time! Every step on the way to living more sustainably matters, so go ahead and do one change at a time. Zero waste doesn’t happen over night, and takes patience and practice to achieve. However, recycling more, substituting disposables and reducing the amount of trash you have it is absolutely worth it, so Bea and I both encourage you to give it a try. There are millions of supportive websites out there now, and you’ll find loads of help in this podcast, too!

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